Thomas H. Connolly & Sons - Manufacturer's Representatives

Dave Connolly

Dave started working a summer job in the industry as a sophomore in college when hired to travel in New England for Aqua Meter Instruments President Alan Freedman and Bill O’Brien. Dave applied real life experiences with college classroom theory and was recognized for his efforts as a member of the Villanova Marketing Society.

Graduation found Dave working two years at Aqua Meter before joining Paul and Tom in the sales agent business. Dave has traveled extensively through out USA for various suppliers and TCS partnering with many customers and suppliers gaining knowledge and strategic relationships in our industry. Like all partners in TCS, Dave helps coordinate sales efforts for suppliers and customers. Trust is tantamount in these relationships that help TCS stay informed and produce the best sales results so all parties win.

While Dave continues building long term relationships through a vast network, he enjoys very personal client relationships combined with the excitement of selling.

Currently Dave sells to CWR Electronics, Wintron Electronics, CC Marine, Kimpex, BBG-Canada, LNS-Canada, Lewis Marine – NY, Henrique’s yachts, AVS- Steiger Craft Boats as well as other long standing accounts. Dave and TCS have been at the forefront of selling many “disruptive” positive game changers.

Constantly on the move and creating opportunities, relationships and trust Dave seems to be able to break the ice and listen to what needs to be done to take market share, solve a problem or create opportunities. All are generational traits of Thomas H. Connolly & Sons Inc.