Thomas H. Connolly & Sons - Manufacturer's Representatives

Our visit to the Volvo Remanufactured Longblock Plant

The Connollys visit Volvo’s Remanufactured Long Block Facility

Volvo Remanufactured Long Blocks meet “New Engine Specifications” for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Volvo only offers Remanufactured Long Blocks. When you Rebuild a Long Block, you simply repair what is wrong. On Volvo’s Remanufactured Long Blocks, we re-use a list of parts, after cleaning and a thorough inspection, all other parts are new.

Remanufactured Parts, ready to be used in your next Remanufactured Long Block. Parts we re-use include: Cylinder Block, Crank Shaft, Cylinder Head, Connecting Rod, Cam Shaft. All other components are new. Once the parts are cleaned and inspected, they’re put into stock, ready to be assembled into a “new” Remanufactured Long Block

Reject Pile: After a throrough cleaning, all parts are inspected. If a part doesn't meet new engine specifications it is rejected.

Precision machining of Crank Shafts is done on the Cad driven Junker Machine

All bolts are tightened to exact Torque Specifications with Atlas Copco DigiTork tools.

Dave Kennedy of Volvo shows us a Reman Long Block that’s getting close to completion
All Reman Engines are “Cold Tested” to check for

A. Compression Across every Cylinder.
B. Deviation of Compression
C. Oil Pressure
D. Oil Flow
E. Torque to Turn