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Our Customers


Two-Step Distribution
Just like Thomas H. Connolly and Sons Inc., the healthiest distributors in the Northeast have all been in business for many years. Many are second and third generation businesses. There is a resurgence in two-step distribution, particularly with sales to Boatyards for the everyday maintenance and repair of boats. See how we can help your two-step distribution business.

One-Step Retail
Our experience with “One-Step” Retail Chains goes back many years, having worked with E & B Marine, Boat/US, Boaters World and continuing with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hamilton Marine, Defender Industries and others. Our understanding of the needs of these sophisticated customers has become intuitive for us. Because we represent many of the Industry’s most coveted product lines, we have a sure presence with our customers that affords us time with them to listen for opportunities from our newer suppliers. See how we can help your one-step retail business.

Dealers & Boatyards
We spend much of our time “pulling through” our Distributor business at our Dealers and Boatyards. Boatyards and Dealers are returning to their roots, expanding their expertise in service, repair and installation of products. It takes a knowledgeable “Sales Professional” to help train them. With an average tenure of 15 years with any one of the factories we represent, we know our products and customers inside and out. This makes us convincing and believable to the experienced yard manager. See how we can help your dealer or boat yard business.


Original Equipment Manufacturers

Builders in the Northeast offer an array of production requirements from 1 or 2 boats per year to about a hundred boats a year. Our experience with the production builders has led us to work with our suppliers to offer a broad selection of products that can be installed “as is” or can be customize one-at-a-time. One of our suppliers can make a single Custom Electrical Panel for a builder yet they’re quite competitive building for production builders. Another supplier of Toilets, water pressure systems and bilge pumps offers a wide selection of choices for applications that it would be hard to not find the right installation to suit an engineer’s requirements. See how we can help your boatbuilding business.

Trailer Manufacturers
We supply component parts including stampings and lighting for Venture Trailer, Load Rite, and others, including Utility and horse Trailer Manufacturers. We spend hours with their engineers, managers and sales staff. We help design the most efficient ways to make and install components. See how we can help your trailer manufacturing business.

Specialty Manufacturers
We represent companies with such a variety of capabilities that we often find unusual opportunities for them. We sell pumps, stampings, injection moldings, Electrical Components, LED lighting, Epoxy Coatings, Waterproof Stereos. Sometimes this variety of capabilities can be combined to create a presence in unexpected markets. One company manufactures weatherproof epoxy coatings, while another provides Water & Corrosion resistant electronics to give us opportunities in the Pool & Spa Industry and Fire Truck Industry.

We supply the Heavy Duty Trucking Industry with stampings and LED lighting. If you have manufacturing capabilities that you use to make a finished product, chances are, we can sell those same capabilities.

We call on Federal, State, County and local governments to get our products in contracts. This cross selling enables cost effective manufacturing that keep prices low and profits healthy. For TCS cross branding in sales is normal as we are always seeking ways to improve sales and be problem solvers. See how we can help your specialty manufacturing business.